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How to Get Started with Bus Life

When we find out we have a dream, whether that is a dream job, dream life, dream location, etc the thrill for achieving it can also be what becomes the paralyzing fear that stops us from going after it. 

It is overwhelming and scary to want to start the path and turn a dream into reality.. especially if it is confusing, different and new like bus life. 

This weekend we are spending our four year anniversary tucked away in the mountains of southeastern Colorado still in disbelief that we created our tiny dream home and get to drive it around the country. So for this week's vlog episode we shared a bit more about the story that leads us to bus life and this sunny day in the mountains.

Although we also share tips and guidance on how to make your bus life dream a reality this topic is so big and we feel so passionate about it that we wanted to add some more value with detailed information and some exercise questions and prompts to get you motivated, inspired and confident about taking steps towards that dream (whether that is bus life or other dreams)

1. The beginning

The good news is that you probably already started the process. The beginning is simply getting informed, consuming the content, diving into the options, asking questions and truly getting a big picture feel of that dream idea. You are probably already doing this to some degree so this first step is all about intensifying that process. Of applying so more intention and thought. If your dream is bus life I'm sure you are following some bus accounts, but take it further. 

Find and consume content of accounts that resonate with you and your circumstances (if you'll have a dog with you find bus accounts with dogs, if you are solo female traveler find that same person and so on).

Take intentional time to consume the information and digest it. If you can't find an answer , reach out with questions. The idea is to start immersing yourself in that dream and the people living that dream so you can start familiarizing it with your life. 

2. Make it personal and do the internal work

You consumed and informed yourself of the dream, what it's like, options and got all the data. It's time to craft your own dream. This process involved looking into yourself and asking LOTS of questions. This stage is important because it allows you to create and master your WHY. Your why is what drives you to make things happen. With a strong w h y  there are no limitations. 

Here are some important questions to work through during this stage - followed by some particular questions in case your dream is bus life 

Why are you interested in this dream?

What calls you about it?

How does it make you feel?

What words would you use to describe it?

What are your goals or big picture with it?

What scares you about it?

What would you have to let go / change for it to happen? Is that worth it?

Why bus life? Why not van life? Build your own, buy converted, get it custom build? What budget? Full time or part time? How much money do you want to spend? How can you work from the road? 

Time to test your why. When you take time to use the information collected and dive within to create your why sometimes you need to test it. So don't be afraid or feel weird; it's part of the process.

In the example that bus life is that dream test your why by renting an RV, staying in a tiny home, taking road trips whatever it is that gives you a little taste of it. It will help you craft and strength your purpose and your why or simply show you that maybe it's not the dream after all.

3. Start 

Starting doesn't look a certain way and it certainly doesn't mean actually going for it... Just yet. It's more starting down the path. Start taking small steps to get closer and closer to that dream.

Some ways to do this:

Create vision boards and mood boards to keep you inspired and focused

Start a designated saving account

Start a journal 

Start talking about it with friends and family 

Start downsizing, start creating. Start envisioning yourself in that dream.

We are energetic beings in an energetic and abundant world with a strong law of attraction. This process allows you to create the energy and frequency of that dream therefore attracting it to you. Imagine yourself in detail and truly start acting as if it's yours. Because it is.

4. Take action

This is the stage where fear, doubt, insecurity and all evils creep in. And why it's so important to have a strong WHY and purpose to hold on too. Taking action can be planned and paused or simply go for it. Whatever fits you best. 

Some ways to take action:

Set dates and timelines to accomplish different stages of your dream and share them with as many people as you can. It will hold you accountable and push you away from backing out. 

Start buying items that you'll need in that dream life and start using them. 

Take action consistently and in a non negotiable way. So many times we stop ourselves simply because of fear.

5. Do it

Just do it. You won't know until you try and rest assured knowing that there is no perfect way. Just like there is no perfect time but now. If you have a strong why with hard work and intention nothing can go wrong. Things might not be perfect but they will be what you needed. 

Go for it. And don't let fear stop you, because you won’t know until you try.

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. 

Sending you all some autumn mountain air and much love,

Fiorella & Zach 

Ps: If you need someone to talk it out with, or need some bus life questions answered don't hesitate to drop us a line


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